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hi guys, welcome back to my channel, in this video i will share with you mini review of all the products i have emptied out and you will know will i be repurchasing them or not, or overall how they've worked for me..

list of products mentioned :
Bath & Body thousand wishes mist & cream -Rs.1189-
Bath & Body thousand wishes cream -Rs.1245-
Plum body loving Hawaiian rumba shower gel -Rs.266-
Loreal HA serum -Rs.399-
Bioderma make up remover -Rs.990-
Derma co 10% niacynamide -Rs.649-
Dreamlengths loreal no hair cut cream -Rs.424-
Brazilian keratin conditioner -Rs.725-
Loreal concealer-Rs.559-
Layers Mistyic mist -Rs.169-
Faces gel kajal -Rs.384-
Pucker lipbalm Rs.499-
Wow sunscreen-Rs.499-
Face wash derma viveRs.900-
Body cupid peach mist-Rs.279-
Olay red whipped-Rs.1399-
Clinique take the day off cleansing balm-Rs.1699-
Kama rose waterRs.395-
Simple moistriserRs.301-
Bath & body candels excellent Rs.2000
Rexona Aloe vera under arm roller-Rs.133-
Mama earth coco yogurt with coffee & cocoa Rs.500-
Derma co ultra matte sunscreen gel Rs.699-
Nykaa lip color-Rs.
Nivea whitening Rs 129-
Faceshop white seed brightening serum Rs.1560-

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